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Hi I am Andrew, your personal advisor on how to create assets and limit liabilities.

I recently started a independent contracting company. I have had to learn the nuances of the tax code as it applies to independent contractors through discussions with a CPA and financial advisor. While not working  on my jobs I have spent my free time investigated in creation of financial assets, investments, setting allocations, and reading about wealthy individuals. It is an ongoing learning process, one that requires lifelong learning.

I do not have training as a CPA or financial advisor, just a desire to learn about investment opportunities, and to decrease my financial liabilities while increasing my assets. I advise you to seek final tax advice from your CPA.

I want to be  financially independent and get out of the rat race…

I know that there are people who have been successful with investments and also making money online. I desired to learn how people are accomplishing this.


My Journey thus far…

I have always been taught by my father that knowledge is power and to work hard, get involved, and do the right thing. I like most people was brought up with the understanding that to get a good job one must go to college. Even then that might Loansnot be enough  and higher education is required to excel. I followed these steps, I went to college for 4 years, went on to higher education for 4 years and  then went onto more specialized training for another 3 years.

While I was fortunate enough to have a generous family that saved for my college expenses. I also had scholarships and was help by my choice to attend top rated state school with lower tuition costs. I walked away debt free after college. This however, changed once I went  to higher education.

A lot of people who seek higher education come out with hundreds of thousand dollars in debt. I am not an outlier. Not to mention that Fedloans have intrest rates at the time of 6.8% or greater.

I went onto 3 years of further training for my profession. While making a decent salary it was nowhere near enough to live and pay off my enormous loan.


After school and training…

After finishing training and school I entered the workforce as an independent contractor around the age of 29 years old with hundreds of thousand dollars in debt and tens of thousands of interest accumulation on my loans. I now make an income where I am able to pay my loans and to look for ways to increase my financial assets.

While I enjoy my job as an independent  contractor there is still a reliance on others for  stability of income. I rely on the entities I serve to stay in business and to retain my contract.

Like with investments you want to diversify, I also want to diversify my sources of income. I have recently started creating an online business through the training of Wealthy Affiliate. You can too! Please read my get started page for more information.

I encourage you to diversify your income sources and investments. To get out of the rat race and to seek financial stability in you life.

I invite you to participate in this website and my journey. Please drop a comment below on your experiences and leave suggestions. You could also always get in touch with me through WealthyAffiliate.com (Here is a link to my profile).



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  1. Mike

    How can i make money when the stock market is so independable, Binarys do not work well unless you stay right on top of them.

    • Hi Mike,

      The stock market is variable, I agree. I look at the stock market as a long term investment. I recommend index funds that index with the total stock market. The reason I recommend index funds is that when you have an index fund you have a percentage in a large number of companies. If you look at the stock market over a long period of time you will see that it has had a return between 7-9%. My personal favorite index fund is the Vanguard Total Stock Market index fund. I like ETFs so my choice is VTI or Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF because it has a low expense ratio of 0.05% and covers the U.S. stock market. It’s 5 year return currently is 10.8% and 10 year is 6.8% which is good considering the down market in 2008. I also recommend dollar cost averaging and do not recommend day trading.

      I do not have experience with Binary so I will take your word for it.

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