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Wealthy Affiliate Review                                      Computer working from home

Recommendation:  Highly recommended
Price: Membership starts at $0
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com


I have been using Wealthy Affiliate now for just under a week. During this time frame I have not only learned about how to make money from home but how to setup an online business. I have no technical experience on a computer and did not have a clue on how to setup a website let alone an online business. I now have a fully functional website thanks to my training and support from Wealthy Affiliate. It will provide you, as it has provided me, with the tools you need to earn money online through affiliate marketing. This website in and of itself is a testament to the training and support that the community of Wealthy Affiliate provides.

With the right tools you too can be on your way towards success and financial stability. I was skeptical at first when I heard about Wealthy Affiliate. I thought it was just another one of those make money fast online scams. However, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to test drive its product first before deciding to upgrade to premium membership which provides even more content and tools to excel.

Time to succeed


  1. Large amounts of task based training that “trick” you into creating your very own online business
  2. Video, tutorial, and courses
  3. A large community of tens of thousands willing to provide support
  4. Two free WordPress website
  5. Help that is live and interactive from community members and Kyle and Carson
  6. Website hosting
  7. 24 hours a day website support
  8. Access to people who have been successful and who are experts in affiliate marketing
  9. Spam is not allowed or tolerated.
  10. $0 start up membership to start making money from home for free
  11. You can work at your own pace


  1. This program can be overwhelming with the amount of content and the amount of activity that is on its site. There is always something to do.
  2. With this program you will not make money fast. It takes someone who is work at time to make a high content website with lots of traffic.
  3. The training and interacting with chat can be addicting. Be careful you may spend more time than you meant to working on your website.
  4. Although the starter membership is great, to gain access to everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers you have to upgrade to the premium membership. The premium members are often more successful.


This program is for anyone  who wants to make money online  from experts to beginners. If Search engine optimizationyou want to make money online at home for free then the start membership of $0 is perfect for you. You will get two free websites and there is plenty of content to get your website functional. It is for anyone looking for another source of income. For anyone who is looking for a legitimate way to earn money online. It is also for business owners, entrepreneurs or for those who do not want to pay someone else for search engine optimization of their website.


Training is comprehensive and it is easy to get started. Lessons are up to date and training material is constantly being added. Whether you are going through the get started here training or the affiliate training both courses provide you with tasks so that you can learn by doing. The training is highly interactive with other members of the community so if you get stuck or have a question it is answered quickly and efficiently. You will learn how to create your very own website, how to choose key words, and SEO.

Training/tools include:

  • Live weekly webcasts
  • Classrooms for discussion of specific topics
  • Question and answer periods
  • Interactive discussions
  • Video and tutorial training
  • Courses that are task based
  • Key word tool
  • Link tracking
  • Key word lists
  • A rapid writer you can use as a tool to write your content
  • Cloud hosting of websites for premium members
  • Access to over 1,400 website templates/themes

With Wealthy Affiliate you do not have to worry about tools and services to run your business. You do not have to hire website support or hosting services. It is all provided for you. It is the most “inclusive” online business platform out there.

With Support Comes Success

Where do you go if you get stuck or need help? With tens of thousands in the community Success takes supportthere is a live chat that you can use to ask questions that members of the community can help answer. You can also ask questions in the classrooms or contact Kyle and Carson directly for support. They really care about your success and want to be there to help. Also provided is 24 hour a day web support.

As I said previously, I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for just under a week. During that time when I was not able to get an answer from the community I was able to get in touch with website support and get my issue resolved within 30 minutes to an hour. The response to my question was expedient with a speedy resolution. Your questions will not go unanswered. The community is build with your success in mind. Members and the owners what to see you succeed and will be there to help you along your journey. If you join I will be there to help you as well.


There are two price points within Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Starter Membership $0 (Join Here)
  • Premium Membership $47 per month or $359 per year which is a 36% savings (Join Here).

There are no upcharges with Wealthy Affiliate. With the premium membership you have access to all the content that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

wealthy-affiliate-membership-grid (2)


Wealthy Affiliate is a legit training course, community that offers all the tools you need to be successful with your online  business. What other affiliate marketing site offers the amount of content, tools, support to be successful at such a low price? Wealthy Affiliate is definitely number one in its category. You can be successful at the starting membership level and have your own function online business. I recommend starting with the starter membership Why not “test drive” the community that Wealthy affiliate has to offer. If you do not like it at least you got your two free websites and free training. I however, believe that you will find it beneficial to your online success and use it as a tool to reach financial freedom.

If you are still not satisfied read additional testimonials from current users(Click here)

Special Bonus

If you start with the starter membership and you decide that you want to upgrade to the premium membership with in the first 7 days your first month will only be $19. This is a 59% discount that I can offer you.

I will also be there to be there to welcome you if you decide to join. I will contact you personally and say hello and offer support to you along your journey to financial freedom.

Share your experience…

Please drop me a comment below if you have ever used Wealthy Affiliate or other training products that are out there and let me know your experience. Also if you are hesitant please comment on what is holding you back.



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  1. Mark

    Very informative and well presented info. I can’t believe you have only been at it for a week. Kudos, my friend! I would like to see your site in six months from now.

    • Hi Mark,
      I have been addicted the last few days to creating the website. The courses are addicting and there is always something more to complete. It has been a rewarding process.

  2. Hi,
    WOW, you have a awesome review! Very good and you cover everything, you are going to to great!
    Keep up the good work! I can tell you are very dedicated!

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